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REM Membership application


Who is レム?
Real name: Dustyn Martin

In-game name: REM

Age: 23

Country: USA

Why do you want to join?: I have never really been apart of a community like this before. This is something completely new to me, and so far I love it. I have made a lot of good friends already, and I hope to make more.

Which games do you play?: Currently just CoD4.

Which servers do you play on?: Server 3 mainly, but I bounce between all 3 CoD4 servers and recently started playing on the RoTu server.

When do you play (time + timezone)?: Timezone - Central Time Zone UTC-06:00. I play at varying hours. Some days I'm on between 8pm - 5am, Some days its 11am - 6pm.

What can you do to make JFF better?: Besides the obvious stuff like: catching cheaters, reporting, just being generally helpful to everyone etc. I Like to try and boost moral in the servers. I love talking with players, even the ones who are not so friendly. I always try to treat everyone equally. If anyone is having problems, no matter what the problem is I always try to help out if I can. If someone is having a bad day, I try to get them into a better mood. I don't like seeing people in bad moods. I try my best to be a problem solver. I love being helpful :D

Download, install and use our Addon (it's required!)?: Of course.


Game Admin
You successfully created your "Want to join" application.
Don't worry, you will be informed about the results after the next admin meeting, whether you passed recruitment or not.
Please be patient and stay active in-game and on the forums. Browse our forum for more information about our community, rules and our ranking system.
Thanks for your understanding and good luck.