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Re-introducing myself

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tukker, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Tukker

    Tukker Registered

    @DasBaoz I remember you! Had a great time with you. You still play CoD2?
    @GammaDeltaII Haha, CoD2 was really big at that time so I could have missed you. o_O
  2. SeaSerpent13

    SeaSerpent13 Senior Admin Senior Admin

    I was only just joining/a member when you left. Loved the avatar back then and still do :p Welcome back!
  3. Warnaar80[NL]

    Warnaar80[NL] Getting old, to old Senior Admin

    Same applies for me, but i can remember playing cod2 with you! With snoekie, tofamous, sonicia, papasmurf, megakip, good times! Welcome back!
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  4. Tukker

    Tukker Registered

    @SeaSerpent13 Haha, I was kinda surprised I had this avatar. Don't even remember it ^^.
    @Warnaar80[NL] I remember playing with you. We indeed had some great times back then. I'm kinda hoping we get those times back
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  5. CaptainDuck

    CaptainDuck Registered

    I still think about JFF now and then, considering i was here for 4 years. And today i decided to go check the forums to see what was going on with JFF... well well well what do we have here? Een ouwe tukker die terugkeert :) Cod2 used to be so awesome in the old days, but i can't seem to get the vibe back haha. Anyways good to see JFF still alive and kicking!! I would also like to get those times back, no idea how though! Thunder you're still doing great, amazing to see JFF still doing so well!
  6. Guarnere

    Guarnere Kickrighted Kickrighted

    Wow, welcome back Tukker! :D
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  7. Tukker

    Tukker Registered

    @CaptainDuck Duckiee! Long time no see. Interested in playing some matches together sometimes? Really miss playing with you! :)
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  8. CaptainDuck

    CaptainDuck Registered

    @Tukker Yeah man let's do it, you can add me on steam maybe? steamcommunity.com/id/CustomDuck

    Maybe we can get a group together and play some CoD2 :)

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