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Re-introducing myself


Hello guys,

Some of you might remember me, I'm back :)
I have been an admin in the past (2011/2012 if I'm correct).
Played a lot on Cod2 back in the days, kinda hoped the server would still be alive :'(
Also played minecraft & cod4 for a while.

So introducing myself for 80% of the members I don't know.
My name is Justin, I'm 20 years old, and I am living in the Netherlands.
Trying to pick up the gaming on pc right now because I have a lot of spare time the following months.
Whether it's Cod2 or something else I dunno yet, but I'll be in-game a lot.

It's good to be back and I hope to meet a lot of you guys in the servers. (I hope a lot of people from the old days haha)


Give respect,get respect
Welcome back mate

Its nice when old admins back on servers,hope us cod2 server will also back in old days

Cya on servers
Thanks guys!
@ElementX Clan has grown quite a lot. I'm sad so see that a lot of the people I knew back from the old days are gone now but it's good to see that JFF hasn't lost its popularity :) Thunder is still running this ship like a boss, I guess.
@Magneto hey Kourdos mate, glad to see that there's one person left that I know !


Arma Guy
Senior Admin
Welcome back oldie ! Honestly thought we would never hear from you again. Glad you're back for now, made my day! :)

- Kittykiller
@GammaDeltaII I'm sorry but I don't remember you haha. You played Cod2 as well?
@Ardens after a year of being non-active I already wanted to play it again. Had some problems with my computer ever since and only got it repaired this year. That's why it took me so long to come back :)
@land1987 I remember you! You have been here a long time haha
Hello there old friend, I remember playing alot of cod2 with you and CaptainDuck back in the days.

I went under the name Snapps in those times, both on forum and ingame, does that name ring any bells for you? :D