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  • Real name : David Andreas-Valentin
  • In-game name : Andreasix
  • Age : 21
  • Country : Romania
  • Why do you want to join ? : I've been a part of Call of Duty clans for as long as I can remember, starting CoD2 and up to CoD MW2, hard to have a clan afterwards with the integration of non Dedicated Servers. I like the idea of a community, people with similar interests playing together and ensuring a welcome stay in their servers. From what I've seen so far, JFF servers seem to be appreciated by tons of people and not only the members report rule breakers but the casual players as well, interesting enough, pretty rare to see ! It's been almost two years since I've left my 5 year membership for a different cod4 clan and the apetite for old cod genre is back once again !
  • Which games do you play ? : Mostly CoD4 however I have played on your CoD5 servers as well. I tend to enjoy the zombies more but the MP is fine as well. From what I've seen you lack members for CoD5, while I can't guarantee a daily presence there, I'll be able to join it at least 2-3 times a week. Getting better anyway as some of you might have seen my recent screenshots
  • Which servers do you play on ? : CoD4 - Cracked 1 up to 3 and the Zombie server as well, currently ranking up there as well, liking Medic Class so far, already maxed it. As for CoD5 I've seen two servers normal and hardcore, played them both tho I enjoy HC more as I think people die way to hard in non-hc and it's easily getting extremely annoying, especially when someone uses Juggernaut. I heard there's a new Gun Game server for cod4? Have not checked it out yet but will do surely.
  • When do you play (time + timezone) ? : So recently and for about 1 more week I'm able to play at anytime however starting April it will mostly be around 20-00 EET, this during weekdays and during weekend can play way more. I have a full time job + gym + karate so I am trying to manage my time the best way possible.
  • What can you do to make JFF better ? : This clan has been around for quite some time and I am sure it's so because of capable people passionate about Call of Duty , communities , having things in common and having a blast ! What I can do is make sure you'll be adding one more player in that list :)
  • Download, install and use our Addon (it's required!)? : I have it installed, invited everyone , lots of people accepted already :). Sometimes I forget to open it tho.

This is my 2nd application as most of you probably already know, wish me good luck ! :p


You successfully created your "Want to join" application. Don't worry, you will be informed about the results after the next admin meeting, whether you passed recruitment or not. Please be patient and stay active in-game and on the forums. Browse our forum for more information about our community, rules and our ranking system.
Thanks for your understanding and Good Luck! :)