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Question about demos.


Who is レム‼?
So is there a way to edit demos? Specificly cutting length? I've formed a habit of recording for extended periods of time, and I don't want to upload a 10-20 min demo if all the "action" is near the end? I don't want to waste anyone's time.

Side note: Is it possible for admins to review a demo if I'm not 100% sure the suspect is hacking and would like a second opinion before having to do a ban request?


Warteam Member
No, there is no way to edit a demo. At least it would be news for me..

And actually that is what a ban request is there for.
You do the ban request, post your recorded proof and one or more of our members take a look and make an decision.

Don't worry, we do not ban anyone before reviewing the proof.


Game Admin
Its always better to make like 3 short demos instead of 1 long. Thats how we do it actually - 2 mb demo should be a max length. And if you are not sure about making ban request on forum, you can always use addon to contact any of jff member and get the opinion you need ;)