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Protect your house (Addon Plugin)


Community Leader
Community Leader
First of all you create a region by left & right clicking the start en end position of your house with a wooden stick. The protection is always from top to bottem of the map.

To save the region and actualy protect your house you type in /protect save <name of region>
To see your currently saved regions you can type in /protect also this shows all the names of the regions you have

To add a friend/player on the server to be able to build on your piece of ground. You need to add him by doing this command /protect add <username> <name of region>, to remove someone /protect remove <username> <name of region>

Then you have flags, these are option you can set per region.
/protect flags <name of region> WELCOME Welcome to my house - Sets a text when a persons enters that region he will see that
/protect flags <name of region> DOOR true/false - This is standart on true but when you dont want people to be able to open door you can set this on false
/protect flags <name of region> CHEST true/false - This is standart on false but if you want that everyone can access your chests you can set this on true
/protect flags <name of region> ENTER true/false - this is standart on true but when you dont want someone to be able to even enter your region you can set it on false

To remove your protected region you can always type /protect remove <name of region>

For the guys who dont like reading:
It doesnt show every command tho.

Big thanks to @IedU for helping me, development can be followed here : https://github.com/thunderbug/SpongeAddon
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