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[Problem] CoD UO not launching in Windows 10


CoD:UO Player
Hey guys,
CCR here after a long time. :)
Job, wife, kid.... too many things to attend.

Anyway, I was trying to get some flavor of sweet, old days. I tried to open the Call of Duty: United Offensive in my laptop (Windows 10). The program asked me to set optimal setting and I pressed Yes. The screen goes black like it did in old days. But, after that the program automatically closes without leaving any traces. I tried with several different ways including compatibility mode, Run as administrator, etc. After a few google, I noticed that many other people having difficulties opening old games in Windows 10. I kept searching for a good solution but nothing was helpful enough to run CoD UO.

So, I came back here hoping that you guys might be able to help me out.
Looking for a good solution.

Best Regards.


CoD:UO Player
Sorry for late reply and thank you for your effort.

Apparently that did not work on either in my HP Brand PC or Dell Vostro 15 Laptop.

I tried many other ways including downloading iso CDs for COD 1 and UO and setting them up. COD 1 runs ok and I can even play multiplayer game. But, CoDUOMP, same problem exists, even though I have setup CD inserted in CD drive.

I have tried by installing Windows 7 in my laptop, my bad luck, graphics driver doesn't work.

Well, may be I should give it up for now.