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Parkour :)


2013's stuff
Does anyone know how to do it? ( and yes its me )

* the Distance is about 7 stpes
Parkour is to know how to Escape from things fast. go Straight and never Deviate from your way.
iam not training in Special pleace. just on school and sometimes after school on the street.
i dont jump from roofs xD
*yes it is very helpfull trust me it saved me once.
in some way it fun to know what your body able to do.

i've very good Instinct and i know what iam doing, you must never go Panic cuz then you will fall for sure. and you will fall bad.

poor guys were afraid so much xD

soon i will apply more tricks to youtube.
feel free to call me dumb <3


2013's stuff
Firework said:
carefull with this,many ppls broke legs/hands/heads
hahah man i know
iam doing it about 5 years. well only in school but still..
i've fall only 4 times.
my body does not let me to fall bad. i know what iam doing


"Did" this in my Childhood with mates. Actually we thought we would do, but we never did it the real way :p

But im always impressed if i see someone whos really good at it :0