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Optimal FPS and Net Settings


Warteam Member
I quess found out the solution for my failing.

Playing cod waw feeled not laggy but somehow delayed. You couldnt see it but you can feel it.
Especially aiming on moving targets. Or 1 on 1 shootouts. Enemy often wins.

Looks like the LAG Compensation of call of dutys gives players with good hardware and a good connection some extra (synthetic) delay.
Thats the reason i was better back then with my old not so perfect Graphics card.
So the key is to emulate a worse pc. In other words reducing some graphic settings.

First I got the same fps with my high graphic settings. So thats not the point to say reducing effects now you have better fps = so your aim is better. No.

Ive found my solution through this video. Skip to the end. This video is german and boring.

Things Ive changed
antialiasing off (I activated 2x in the nvidia settings)
Shadows off
Specular map off
Filtering Bilinear not Trilinear
Texture Quality manual and all on high not extra
Changes direct in the cfg:
seta r_dof_enable "0"
seta r_distortion "0"
seta r_texFilterAnisoMax "2"
seta r_texFilterAnisoMin "2"
seta ragdoll_enable "1"
seta ragdoll_max_simulating "6" (Standard 16)

And my actual netsettings

rate 25000
cl_maxpackets 80
snaps 30
cl_packetdup 1

Playing with these settings feels so much more direct and accurate. Btw. I beat the best on JFF today. Only coincidence? :)
Give it a try.

Greetings from germany
You know there are configs you can download such as Yitch3 which will improve your FPS :p Also having stable FPS is more important than high FPS, unless you can keep stable 333 I would suggest lowering it.

And also you probably meant the "antilag" feature, which is different from lag compensation.
"Lag compensation IS NOT the throttling of a connection so everyone is playing "on the same level". It's the prediction of a players location to make up for the time lost during the physical transfer of packets from one's PS3 to the server(host)."

I read that in games based on id Tech 3 engine such as IW engine your maxpackets will be rounded down to a valid value of framerate/N, so if you have 333 fps (stable) and have your maxpackets set to 100 it will be rounded down to 333/4=83. If you set maxpackets to 80 it will be rounded down to 333/5=67. Values for other FPS: 250/3=83, 200/2=100, 125/2=63, 100/1=100. Lower than 100 will set it to same as the framerate. Not 100% sure if it's still applied in WaW though.

There is very little documented about these things though and all the sources are long gone so take it for what it is and good luck :)