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Official Clash of Clans Thread


Arma Guy
Retired Admin

I thought I'd open a thread with my 2,000th post about something I enjoy playing in my spare time. The purpose of this thread is to share and discuss different topics and subtopics about the game, Clash of Clans. If you play and wish to share, use the following template:

  • Date you started playing
  • Favorite attack strategy
  • Favorite Troop
  • How often do you war?
  • How many wars your clan has won?
  • A picture of your base! (mandatory)

Otherwise, feel free to talk about anything relating to Clash of Clans :).

I will start, so...

  • January 2014
  • Lavaloon, at the moment
  • Wizards|Lava Hounds
  • Twice a week, Mon-Fri
  • Up to 39, on a 6 win streak

Hope to discuss some fantastic topics!



Game Admin
Game Admin
Clash of clans? Hm... Yes I remember that I've played that once for some month 'till I was on Lvl. 20. I stopped with playing it cause I was playing Jungle Heat* at the same time. So I had to decide between those two games. I don't know what lead me to this decision but I was how it was. :D

With Jungle heat I started with playing also on January 2014 and I'm Lvl. 84 now.

(I hope this isn't a bit too off-topic. :))

*Jungle Heat is a similar game to Clash of Clans. Some evil tongues say Jungle Heat is just a bad copy of Clash of

Here a little screenshot from my base in Jungle Heat. Yes it's looks kinda similar.

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@Trobon, such copycats :rolleyes:
  • Started playing late December 2014 I guess, so roughly 10 months ago
  • Almost completely maxed out th8. Only 94 walls left. Everything else is max th8.
  • War base created myself. Not often 3 starred.
  • For attacking in wars I use either drags (underrated, quite effective when carefully planned), hogs (generally best at high th8) or occasionally gowipe (overrated, usually only good for 2 stars)
  • For farming I use drags or hogs at the moment, since I don't have anything left to upgrade with (dark) elixir
  • Favourite troops: wiz, drag, hog (not surprisingly)
  • Our clan plays wars continuously
  • Level 7 clan
  • Currently 102 wars won, 31 lost, 8 tied (check clan stats here)
  • I think we get around 90-95% total destruction on average, so pretty good
Screenshots of my (war) base, (clan) stats and a typical winning streak :)

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 22.11.49.png Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 22.38.37.png Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 22.13.20.png Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 22.26.38.png Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 22.12.46.png

//edit: actually we already had a CoC thread here
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Arma Guy
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So I assume that out of everyone on the forum, Gamma is the only one who plays this? It must not be as popular in other areas than I thought.


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Now maxed out th8. Time to go for th8.5 :) And we're on a winning spree again: 16 and counting :cool:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 02.55.50.png Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 02.56.19.png

There must be more people here playing this game :confused:


Glitch = Autokick
I stopped playing this game, after some level, if you don't use Xmod for find easy resources you have to waste a lot of time skipping towns, and is always the same, unless you are in a "competitive" clan that play wars


Arma Guy
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With the new update the amount of people farming is little to none, causing a ton of more people to actively attack for loot. It is certainly harder to drop cups and stay there without losing a considerable amount loot every attack due to the town hall now acting as a storage.


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In silver now and not losing much loot here. But the amount of inactive bases with decent loot is considerably lower since the update ... You're pretty much forced to use full war armies to try and get some loot from nearly maxed bases.
I installed Clash of Clans, probably on May 2018. I don't spend a lot of time playing the game but it's really fun.

I'm in level 70 right now and maxing out TH 8.

I actually found a farming strategy which is so effective.

This screenshot was taken about 3 weeks ago.
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Arma Guy
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I sold my account not long after this thread was made but recently started playing again with a new account. Clan is called Blundercide, anyone is welcome to join if you still play.