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Noobmod - Suggestion



Before my name was Booth, maybe some of you will recognize me with that name. I was playing here a lot and I have some suggestions that you might wanna check out!

First of all I don't know if you still play on Noobmod server, but that server used to be pretty alive! Before like 2 years ago, me and my friends were playing there a lot and when I say a lot, I really mean it. I have over 100 hours on that server (you have picture as proof). Maybe you gave up on that server, but you could still do something about it, I remember playing war with you guys and you used to come and play with us on Noobmod, but now nobody is online 24/7.

My point here is you should advertise this server more on forum page, because there are a lot Noobmod players that don't know that this server even exists. Tell me what you think because I want to revive that server.

Regards Hyprus.

Jff #1.png


Probably plays for WarTeam
A main reason no one plays on there anymore is because those who did, formed a war team, and when we are all online, get a team going and search for one, I would like to see this server come back, but I doubt it will be as strong as it used to be, we can sure as hell try, but we are always doing wars, and when we aren't don't want to be playing all the time. :D



Warteam Member
the main problem of dat server was the mod its not the most used in other pro mode server.. how ever i dont think some one have the the mood to put some effort in.. so would be hard have a resolution about..