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New UPDATE and consequences for skin prices


So our beloved Gaben Newell has struck again! A new update for CSGO (also other steam related games) is out and it has a big meaning for CSGO skins in general! Whats new? Well it has something to do with trade bans for 7 days, and it has basically killed people that spend most of their time in CSGO on trading skins! It was meant to stop "scammers" and to get rid of gambeling sites that were not under VALVE control! It did, but the other thing it did, was that all the traders are now stuck with simply massive amounts of skins, that they are now not able to trade! And almost every big trader today, is selling his skins under price ( I have seen knives sold for 60 percent of their yesterday price)! So in last 12 hours a price of AK47 Redline Field Tested has droped from 6.45 euros to 5.15 euros at the moment! Thats almost 20 percent (might be wrong on my maths here)... And if this keeps up, we might see an even biggggger drop of prices in next 10-14 days! I must confess, I bought quite a few skins over these time that CSGO is out and I also have quite a few of them right now in my CSGO inventory! So what to do now... Was thinking that I would sell everything, have some losses and just get on with it, but on the other hand, I think I will keep my skins, play with them and accept that they lost their value in the end! But what I really have a problem with is a fact, that Valve has been doing only minnor changes to CSGO in past 2 years! Instead of fixing problems with hackers in CSGO, we get new operations, instead of making CSGO a fun game again, we only get this kind of bullshit updates! So if anyone else was or still is into CSGO skins, I feel your pain bro/sis! :(


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I think most people treat it as a bigger drama as it is, especially youtubers who own skin trading or gambling sites. They want to save their income.
Having thousands of bots manipulating the market is not good for the economy imo.
waiting 7 days to resell your skin will not affect anyone who treats skins as what they are supposed to be. You should be happy that prices drop, you can get skins cheaper now.

As for the "valve doesnt care for the cheater problem" point: Yes there are currently alot of cheaters, the community is more toxic and inmature nowadays.
But that doesnt mean valve doesnt care. The VACnet AI filters overwatch cases by analysing gamestyle. 30% of people getting in overwatch were found guilty. With the help of this AI it got to 90%. If it keeps learning and tags cheater with a good accuacy we will not need to rely on humans to approve the bans any longer.
By adding cheat codes to the vac blacklist you wont have a good anti-cheat. The cheat creators do minor changes, patch the programm and you are good to go again. i like that valve took a diffrent approach.


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Aren't the people crying about it the ones that run those shitty/rigged gambling sites and trade bots. Don't see how being unable to resell a skin after a trade for 7 days is that big of a deal for normal people.