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New Beat on my Youtube, Listen and tell me what u think :D

Discussion in 'Music & Video' started by WaRRirOzz, May 20, 2017.

  1. WaRRirOzz

    WaRRirOzz Registered

    Hi guys its me WaRRirOzz again, tell me what u think about this beat i did.

    took me a day to make it.

    Enjoy :p
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  2. CmD

    CmD Irren ist menschlich. Banrighted Donator

    I like the girl
  3. redzYe

    redzYe I'm like Bond! Kickrighted Donator

    That's me actually..
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  4. WaRRirOzz

    WaRRirOzz Registered

    hahaha u wanna get to know her ;) you didnt like the beat :( only girl? maaaaaaaaaan @redzYe and @CmD
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  5. The_sky_was_pink

    The_sky_was_pink Tiny Hippo Donator

    Not bad, dont stop working hard, if its ur passion
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  6. WaRRirOzz

    WaRRirOzz Registered

    Thanks Bro @The_sky_was_pink i like making music so yeah... thanks again :D you can also check out my other beats if u want, enjoy! :)
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  7. WaRRirOzz

    WaRRirOzz Registered

    Enjoy! :D

    Tell me what u think about this one i did :)
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  8. WaRRirOzz

    WaRRirOzz Registered

  9. WaRRirOzz

    WaRRirOzz Registered

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