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Need new map rota and more things

Discussion in 'Call of Duty United Offensive : Discussion' started by Rango, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Yabwon

    Yabwon Senior Admin Senior Admin Donator

    Backing to the right way of this thread...

    I guess this is current rota at UO server:
    set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd map german_town gametype hq map mogadishu gametype sd map mp_brecourt gametype hq map mp_chateau gametype hq map mp_cassino gametype sd map mp_cod_lolv2 gametype hq map mp_dawnville gametype sd map mp_dawnville gametype hq map mp_maaloy_final gametype sd map mp_maaloy_final gametype hq map mp_neuville gametype sd map mp_neuville gametype hq map mp_pavlov gametype sd map mp_pavlov gametype hq map mp_powcamp gametype hq map mp_railyard gametype sd map mp_railyard gametype sd map mp_stalingrad gametype sd map mp_tigertown gametype dom map mp_uo_carentan gametype hq map mp_uo_carentan gametype sd map mp_uo_carentan gametype dom map mp_uo_dufresne_winter gametype hq map mp_uo_dufresne_winter gametype sd map mp_uo_dufresne_winter gametype dom map mp_uo_harbor gametype hq map mp_uo_harbor gametype sd map mp_uo_harbor gametype hq map mp_uo_stanjel gametype tdm map RATSKITCHEN gametype hq map the_bridge gametype sd map the_bridge gametype hq map uo_destroyedvillage_br"
  2. WISH

    WISH Banrighted Banrighted

    That's correct @Yabwon.

    german_town - SD
    mogadishu - HQ
    mp_brecourt - SD
    mp_chateau - HQ
    mp_cassino - HQ
    mp_cod_lolv2 - SD
    mp_dawnville - HQ & SD
    mp_maaloy_final - HQ & SD
    mp_neuville - HQ & SD
    mp_pavlov - HQ & SD
    mp_powcamp - HQ
    mp_railyard - HQ & SD
    mp_stalingrad - SD
    mp_tigertown - SD
    mp_uo_carentan - DOM, HQ & SD
    mp_uo_dufresne_winter - DOM, HQ & SD
    mp_uo_harbor - DOM, HQ & SD
    mp_uo_stanjel - HQ
    the_bridge - HQ & SD
    uo_destroyedvillage_br - HQ


    21 maps.
    33 different gaming possibilities.

    DOM - 3
    HQ - 15
    SD - 14
    TDM - 1
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  3. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    UO, smallest section > biggest problems! i say we ban all non members and kill the server. am i kidding or am i serious...
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  4. redzYe

    redzYe I'm like Bond! Kickrighted Donator

    I think you are serious..
    I mean you also think legends are born in April instead of March..
    Kinda insane.. :p

    Sorry I know this is off topic...
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  5. Putty

    Putty Banrighted Banrighted

    smash it :D
  6. WISH

    WISH Banrighted Banrighted

    I don't know is it new map rotation or just pure luck, but it was nice to play with other 19 players. Haven't seen players this much for a while.


    Hope this will be continued.
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  7. Putty

    Putty Banrighted Banrighted

    I joined after this map, was amazing 20 player on server dom game mode soo much fun haven't seen this long time now.. I think nothing wrong in here.. So pony power!!
  8. Rango

    Rango Kickrighted Kickrighted

    Guys i see very few players on servers.... sometimes its empty.... wth happened? may be new rota? .... tho i like it... but i dont know for sure what happened
    right now server is empty .. last night i checked this same time and it was empty
  9. Putty

    Putty Banrighted Banrighted

    Hmmm I've been on server around 11 was only 3 players after 15 min we had 16 :D and was till 1pm... So maybe you on wrong time or something but most of time is lots of player on server... for me... last 3 days always ok for me...

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