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CoD4 Namechangers reporting


Hello all, the other day I saw a hacker on server #2 with aimbot, and this cancer namechange

What I did to catch the attention of admins was this command : !report zion namechange aimbot

Basically I reported myself because I obviously can't report him since he had no proper name

I that a correct way to do or is it possible otherwise ?


Game Admin
yes, you can report yourself or anyone else and just use the namechanger as a reason. if you go on admin cp and pick your server like this http://cp.justforfun-gaming.com/page/Server/3/CoD_4_Server_2 you can actually see who is changing names (might take few sec) and see his ip range (
79.67.*.* =example) . taking his ip range might help if no members are online so you can make a ban request with a demo. this way we can actually ban them.