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My very first edit after that i lost my old old YouTube channel, but now i am back yall (i think) :p


Holla At Me yeah!
Nice video. Just put server info (name, ip) in the description and try to record videos when there are more players so people that view it get interested in server and join eventually.
name as : Justforfungaming #3?

Why didnt you put crash in the video, where I killed you every round :)
its just a boring SD... no one wanna see that i guess.. :p

Redz just gave me idea. @WaRRirOzz , come to #2 in evening when all the best players play and put face cam to record you reactions when you get owned. I guarantee you worldwide fame xD
its too early for facecam bro :p

when all the cheater play. like kon, sexy, hyb