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My newest beat :D


Holla At Me yeah!
thanks @redzYe and hey @GammaDeltaII if @rvL Joe wanna rap to my beats... hah... feel free to do it man... :D

im working now on another beat... will be up soon i hope... maybe today... what you think about name (Fallin Anchor) for the beat guys?

if u have better name tell me ! :D

thanks again


Holla At Me yeah!
hey guys! i just made this beat, tell me what u think about it :D

Hard Hip Hop Beat Prod. By E.L.M.C Beat. If you like this beat quality then,"Thumbs up" and Enjoy the beat, have a great day!

If you are a rapper and want to use (Viracel) for non-profit mixtapes feel free to download this beat.

Viracel - Hard Hip Hop Rap Beat (Prod By. E.L.M.C Beat)