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My Introduction

Hello, I figured I would make an introduction since I ran into this server today on WaW and it seems like you got a good group of people right here.

My name is Joshua, I'm 16 years old (Well, I'll be 17 in March), and I like to play Call of Duty. My in-game name is TaterWhacker, like here on the forums I just signed up for. And, it is supposed to be like those German anti-personnel grenades, but whereas the Allies called them potato smashers, I changed it up slightly ;). Enough about that. I was hopping about on servers and I just happened to land on this one. Seems like a good place, good server, good people, etc. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself and see how people are on this forum, and maybe make some friends that I can play with on the server sometime!