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Discussion in 'Call of duty' started by BamBoOM, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. BamBoOM

    BamBoOM Registered

    Hello, does anyone know how many kills are required to make multi-kills, ultra-kills, etc in cod 4? I searched but couldnt find it anywhere.
  2. the MINION

    the MINION Im not a MINION, im a yellow Tic Tac Banrighted Warteam Member

    Test it maybe ?? :)

    I think multi-kill was if u kill 5 people, ultra maybe 10 or 15, but dont know really if its right xD
  3. Gianni

    Gianni Community Leader Community Leader

    Do you mean the ones addon announces?
  4. BamBoOM

    BamBoOM Registered

    Yea, i dont usually make 5 or 10 kills per sec.

    @Gianni Yes.
  5. Gianni

    Gianni Community Leader Community Leader

    4 - Multi Kill
    5 - Monster Kill
    6 - Ultra Kill
    7 - Mega Kill
    8 - Ludicrous Kill
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  6. Hybrid

    Hybrid Cuckrighted Warteam Member

    I achieved all except the ludicrous kill. how much time do you got between those kills? does the time get refreshed per kill?
    time to get this last one >:]
  7. el-cuxillito

    el-cuxillito Naderman Kickrighted

    They have to be on a small time, like with a air strike or something like that.
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  8. CmD

    CmD Irren ist menschlich. Banrighted Donator

    If you want ludicrous - save an airstrike for a new round in crossfire sabotage ;)
  9. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Found some old code. Time interval was two seconds. Not sure if it is still the same.

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  10. Gianni

    Gianni Community Leader Community Leader

    1,5 seconds
  11. el-cuxillito

    el-cuxillito Naderman Kickrighted

    Check I already got it a lot of time ago :p
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