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Movie Night MOVIE NIGHT 22.11.2015


The Rebellious Deserter
Hello there cowboys,
Tomorrow evening we will be having a movie night. The movie night is just what it says it is, a movie night, you show up, I show up, some other people show up too and we watch a movie together. Tmrw there's a comedy for you.. a really neat one :) i hope you will show up in large number. The more the merrier they say.

Place: Thunder's secret chamber
Time: 22.11. / Click this for your timezone ---> This.
Movie is not pickable since lately a lot of people vote and then don't show up. considering the number of votes for a movie that was picked there should be atleast 17 people watching it and there is max 7-8. So yes, voting is currently disabled till you guys decide to start showing up for thing you picked for someone else too watch.
SO. comedy. if you wanna come, you are more than welcome, if you don't, who cares, just don't show up and whine about what shitty movie that is. Nobody likes whiners and as I always said its not about the movie, its a community event. i suppose you all know what that means.
In case some don't know what that means, its about leaving negative crap in closet, bringing beer and popcorn and be friendly with people you hate the most :)

See you cowboys tomorrow.
Best regards, The Potato Queen.

@GammaDeltaII @Sammy @Zaid @Bauer @ElementX (just some tags to make sure its spreading like HIV)


Game Admin
HIV is so 20th century disease! So , let me get this straight, if i dont like the movie, i should just say bb and thats it?Im not allowed to whine? And good choice on that no choice selection. Btw, yify is back , i saw a clue in a subtitle, a lot of new movies are out.


Party Organizer
Warteam Member
If i was free would join for sure, but im stuck at work till midnight.

Hope u all had a great one.