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Motivational songs :D (plus my faves)

Post whatever song that helps you vent after a bad day, or just get you motivated. Among these are also my favorites. They are:
"You're the best around" by Joe
"The Touch" by Stan Bush
"Nothin' but a good time" by Poison
"Mississippi Queen" by Mountain
"Du Hast (instrumental)" by Rammstein
"He's back" by Alice Cooper
"Dealer" by S3RL
"I wanna rock" by Twisted Sisters
"Thunderstruck" by AC/DC
pedo bear song
"I'm no good" by The Vacation
"B.Y.O.B (instrumental) by System Of A Down
"Jooga" by Mikel Ross Griffin (SRIV OST)
"I Am the night, color me black" by Priestess
That's it! Here's a potato for the long post