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Minecraft part of the community


Game Admin
Game Admin
Hmm I would play and also I have a little knowledge how the things works there, cause I was an Admin of a minecraft Server in the past.
But I'm sure how many players we will have. As @Ardens alreday said, the server might die... But if it's possible we could give it a try.


Game Admin
Movie Master
I feel bad attaching myself to threads if I don't know if I'll do much, but as woofwoof said, a night might be quite fun to have every now and then, for each game (that's not the popular ones;)) like MC and/or csgo and maybe ever UO or cod2 if people are up for setting aside a night like movie night to bring at least a little bit of life into these games. :) I don't know, but I like what WarDog put :p


Community Leader
Community Leader
We dont need to revive this section, but i can do whatever you like. Aslong you play alot / get others to play i'm fine. I have no contacts left in the mc world or know what things are popular atm.
Are there still some minecraft players ?
Should we close this part of the forum ?
Or shall we try again a server ?
hi, i know this is closed and all, but i havnt been active for a while.
i am a huge MC fan, and play about 2-3 hours a day. i used to be on the JFF server all the time until i went cold some time back. only recently found out the server had been closed. if, and when you do decide to open the server again, i could possibly get some guys from SA and england who craft alot to join.
Hey heard rumor of a MineCraft Technic server for MineCraft Legends (really fun mod pack BTW) and was wondering when we would be able to get on. A friend of mine said it was going to be a Whitelist only server. I personally would play on the server any time I'm not at work. Any idea when we can get on??? Thanks!