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By my honest word. My word against yours.
In no way, just like you could not do this before.
The basis of your assumptions are incorrect guesses. Untill the moment i showed that i have cheats. you had no such assumptions. Also,you dont know that i have not drinking alcohol for more than four years. With this u building your assumption about "spmeday-somehow".
But let me tell you something now, the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies, this is the presumption of innocence. You forgot about this when started build your guesses.

I was saying somthing like this before. http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/threads/mi-ir.22369/#post-195287

It is far-fetched.
And about VPN i was saying it before when Br3 asked me about this. And maybe somethere several times. Goverment of my country blocked access to the RF social network most of people of my country used. So we had to use VPN to get access, and sometimes i forget to switch it off before join COD4. Its Avast VPN.
Look the problem is wh you used, it is not a VPN...I meantioned it because we know something that you probably not know about VPNs.


WaW Section
Game Admin
In my opinion, this is not the most appropriate way to present proof. Additionally, if someone has evidence that @The_sky_was_pink used fraud during the game and thus gained unfair advantage, use the ban request thread. I do not think wherever it goes, if there's a juicy drama here, so I suggest closing this thread as soon as possible and maybe archiving it, as this is a bad example for visitors to the forum.


Tiny Hippo
as this is a bad example for visitors to the forum.
That's what I can exactly agree with, this is a bad example of behavior.. I just got carried away by witch hunts, for me it became part of the gameplay and in this there is some kind of perverse pleasure (like detectives Criminal Minds, CSI etc). Im sorry fo that.
And i didnt know its a bad thing here. As Pho guessed i did.
However, this is your land. I apologize if I broke some foundations. But my conscience is clear. I never used and will not use cheats. I do not get the point of it.


Hopeless case
@The_sky_was_pink You should stop using this special tools for wh detection. We use only cod4 player for this and after you gain some experience, you wont need anything. When you come to some decent level of experience, you will be able to 'feel' if player is clean or not. This light grid that can be used within cod4 player will only be usefull to see if the proof is strong enough. If you continue using wallhack, you wont be forced to learn and you wont evolve in understanding the game.
As a person, I think that you are reliable and I trust you that you did not use it for personal gain. I also think that you should delete it from your game.
You should also know that, no matter how this ends, you will always have someone on your back checking you from now on.

It's also good what Ote said because there are enough smartasses on this forum and we should not give them new ideas.


Tiny Hippo
As I said, there was no evil intent in my deed. I never used tricks to get any benefit in the gameplay. You can believe me or not, but my conscience is pure in front of me.
I made a mistake. I apologize to the community and now my conscience is clear in front of you.
How to deal with me is your decision.
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