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Mekanism + IC2 wiring (updated)


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After some updates, Mekanism <-> IC2 wires and storage units can be simplified, allowing us a bit different setups (more compact?).

What are needed tools? A Configurator. (http://wiki.aidancbrady.com/wiki/Configurator)

As I've said in previous thread about Mek wiring, universal power cables were bugged. Well, they are still bugged if You try to break them with pickaxes, drills etc. So how to break them safely ?

Use Configurator in Wrench mode, then SHIFT + Right click on cable to pick it up.

Now, about the wiring. Since we can handle Mekanism power cables without crash now, lets try to setup the smallest transformer WITHOUT energy cubes:

Above setup is WRONG one as You suppose. After CESU will get any EU to transfer to batbox, batbox will explode.

So lets try with Mekanism cables:

It's almost good, but batbox will not charge. It's because, You need to configure the cable with PULL/PUSH on both on cable ends. So finally, the configured and working setup will look like that:

So batbox is recharging finally but... CESU outputs 128EU/t and batbox accepts 32EU/t. And if it doesnt exploded, means the cable can act as transformer also? Let's test it...
Yep, seems like Mekanism universal cable can safely replace IC2 wires, and moreover it allows to transform power without HV/MV/LV transformers or Energy Cubes :)

PS. Hmm but can I... ?
- Sure You can

Note: The Energy Cube on images is only for giving power, imagine there is some power generator.
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