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Mekanism + IC2 safe wiring


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So after a bit of testing connections in Mekanism machines with IC2 machines and cables, here are the results. These are also safe examples of non-crashing setups with few other things.

First of all, energy units.
Mekanism = J
IC2 = EU

After creating Mekanism machine, right click on it, and switch energy units conversion using this:

Lets start with connecting Mekanism machines to IC2 power storage with IC2 cables:

*Crusher connected to MFE(512EU/t) via golden cable will not explode. Machine is working.

*Elite crushing factory connected to MFE(512EU/t) via golden cable will not explode. Machine is working.

Using power generated by Wind turbine (IC2) we will send it to Energy Cubes (Mekanism) via fibre cable (IC2). Golden cable can be used as its way cheaper. Copper cable will melt instantly after connection. Cubes will be recharging nicely :)

3. Now the explosions part. What will, and what will NOT (and why?) explode ?

* Batbox (IC2) connected to Basic Energy Cube (Mekanism) via copper cable (IC2) will explode.

* But 2 Basic Energy Cubes (Mek) via copper cable (IC2) will work and it will recharge.

* How can we force batbox to get power from Basic Energy Cube? We will bypass cables at all. And it will work nicely again :)

* But wait, if we bypass cables but use better Energy Cubes, the more power wont kill batbox? Nope, it won't kill it. Additionally, it will recharge them more faster even!

Advanced Energy Cube + Batbox = 10s till full batbox recharge

Elite Energy Cube + Batbox = 3s till full batbox recharge

Ultimate Energy Cube + Batbox = 1 second till full batbox recharge :D

4. So if MFE can power Basic Crusher, can CESU also work? - Yep

5. LOL! If batbox can be charged with Elite Energy Cube or Ultimate Energy Cube which can handle milions of EU, it means I can use them as MV/LV transformers??? Yep.

* How can be a Basic Energy Cube used as multi transformer?
How about MFSU connected to batbox using only 1x HV cable and 1x Basic Energy Cube?

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General speaking:

All Mekanism storage units can be recharged with IC2 generators.
All Mekanism storage units can be charged with IC2 storage units WITHOUT transformers (see last pic with MFSU connected to Basic Energy Cube)
All Mekanism storage units can act as transformers (bigger storage unit = faster recharging time of nearby IC2 storage unit)
All Mekanism machines can be powered with IC2 storage units.
All IC2 storage units can be recharged with Mekanism storage units (but I HIGHLY advise to set it as adjacent block to Mek unit, as shown above)
All IC2 machines need to be properly placed (i.e. Macerator connected via any cable to Basic Energy Cube will explode, but if set as adjacent block = it will work, see below)

* Macerator connected with cable

* Macerator without cable (adjacent block)

* Example setup with mixed machines (Basic Energy Cube acting as HV-MV-LV transformer)

If You connected Mekanism machine to already placed cable (like putting energy cube near golden cable used by wind generator) and it is not working, don't worry. All You have to to, is to remove the part of cable which connected to the machines, and placed it again (so just update the cable).
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