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CoD4 LMG Spawn kill by Kenobi

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Hi Admins,

Everyone is upset on the LMG Spawn kill by Kenobi on most maps. He is also very insulting. I don't know how to get demo video exported out of Mac i have recorded him do it.


Give respect,get respect
Hello @kinglish

Thanks for trying help,but camping and soanwkills is allowed on JFF server :/
But hey,dont worry.Us admins work on spawn protection,so in future this problems will gone
For insulting feel free to use screenshoot,its enough for report players

Hope you will continue enjoy on JFF servers
Any questions,just shoot ^^



Game Admin
Movie Master
Most times we spawn die and spawn die. What's the fun in that? Hope its reconsidered.
100% agree with you. I wish it was ban-able, and the t!ts who use it would learn to play. But that's asking for a miracle. -.-

However as per admin meeting -
Yabwon said:
Spawnkilling issue:
It's allowed the same as camping is.
Meh. If you want to continue the talk, head to what's on your mind and discuss it (here), but as this is a ban request thing, I'm locking to stop spam as request is resolved. :)
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