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As you can see on the title..i'm leaving JFF..you see me i'm not that active like i used to be a year ago..a lot of stuff running to my life and i don't think i will have much time for games for the next months (maybe years idk yet). I'm going to be a seafarer after all...anyway I can't keep my position here while i'm inactive..i may visit sometimes or even try joining again in the future.
Thanks you everyone for every experience i had with you.
See ya :)


Senior Admin
So, you will be known as "Thanos, Tamer of the Sea", like a ἥρως in an ἔπος :D Actually, I only found out now that your name comes from Αθανάσιος — "immortal" — so it's quite fitting :p

Take care! We'll see you around :)


Game Admin
Game Admin
Warteam Member
That time in life where you know you gonna have to part ways, because we wish the best for each other. I hope you greatness and good fortune seafarer :) And when you do come back, a warm welcome awaits. Stay safe @Thanos :) Thank you for all you've done and are :)