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Leaving / left

Discussion in '(Non-)Members announcements' started by Psycho, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Psycho

    Psycho Troll master trolled by Admins

    Hi dudes!
    Well as u may saw I left jff, too much rl stuff and no time for gaming, no time for forum or anything. Just wanted to say bb to ones who care and a big thanks to all folks that helped me while I was a part of the familly :) I will not mention names since I may forget someone and I dont want that to happend. Cheers guys, have fun and be nice to each others :) I will come sometimes if I have time :) bb now !
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  2. el-cuxillito

    el-cuxillito Naderman Banrighted

    Sad to see this although we already know.
    When tromadnoob told us on whatsapp I though he was trolling. But I see he was not.
    Have fun, stay safe and good luck with real life stuff.
    Hope see you some day again on serves. :)

    Cheers man :)
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  3. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    Take care Zlaja. We will be here ;)
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  4. Gisbourne

    Gisbourne Spanky Game Admin

    Take care man, was nice to play with you, you clay master nab :) Hope to see you on server 5 sometimes thou. Good luck in real life!
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  5. Trobon

    Trobon Game Admin Game Admin

    Well, what should I say? You made Server#5 to what it is today.. Sad to see you leaving, things change thou. It's how it is. Wish you all the best for your Real life and hope to see you here sometimes.
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  6. DarKne$$

    DarKne$$ Registered

    Take care buddy, you will be missed
    have fun in real life and stay safe mate
    sad to see this :(
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  7. CmD

    CmD Irren ist menschlich. Banrighted Donator

    <3 Don't forget to shout us if you ever get some free:)
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  8. Psycho

    Psycho Troll master trolled by Admins

    Mehhh thats why I didnt wat to write this thread, I hate goodbyes :/ I will try to come sometimes :) I will have to put a clay or two just to make u angry :D
  9. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Goodbye! :D :p
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  10. Unlucky

    Unlucky Banrighted Banrighted

    Goodbye friend good luck in real life.
  11. PrOvokator

    PrOvokator Slaps you silly

    BB you drama queen :)
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  12. Sammy

    Sammy Game Admin Game Admin Warteam Member

    @Psycho You've probably heard this but you are one fabulous drama queen :3 Cheers mate and thanks for all the good you helped accomplish here :) Please do keep your word and come back time to time ;)
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  13. CCR

    CCR CoD:UO Player

    BB Zalja. Stay in touch.
  14. Zaid

    Zaid Kickrighted Kickrighted

    Good luck man
  15. Cookiejar

    Cookiejar Registered

    oh, i dont like it. where the **** is that unlike button?! eh, but... good luck my little pervers boy! :D
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