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CoD4 LagM

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Demo for LagM is trash, please unban him for the sake of ben being wrong abt him

Off topic, she looked 16 didnt cheat and boris just ragehacked after i triggerd him. I spotted it, not ben. Dont act like you were the brains in here
Yeahhhhhh LagM is not cheating.. just i thought and more tons of good players that im not gonna remind their names.
He told me by him self on discord that he is using clymore + nades wh.. but anyone know that he used wallhack to people..
and tell me mister hybrid... why wasnt he make an appeal? and joined with new ip and different username..? and got ban again?
If He wasn't cheating he could make an appeal and not scare what people gonna say about him.

But Ok i will remind names (sorry): Me, PENNY, Dubi, No_Idea, 2 mores that discoverd it but not gonna say their names, more people in chat that said & vlado the admin.
I don't think we need more people to know that he was cheating.
I don't know if it makes sence.. there are so many russian people that using cheat.

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She Looked 16 Is using something not allowed.. forgot what is it.
i saw boris cheating before he was banned.. a long time ago before he banned when i asked him: wtf is this boris? and he started to give me fake reasons.


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I told you to stop spamming. I won't tell you again. You have no connection to this matter at all.

I saw the demo made for lag, and there was only one suspicious kill. I would bother to have that demo checked, but, what is the point, other than to show just how right ben is.
Not open for further replies.