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The Sleepless One
Good Day everyone, i hope your all doing fine.

Just a little issue on COD4 Server 3, there's some serious lagging going on with the server, i tried pressing !clean REM, but that's not working either. I hope the issue can be sorted in good timing, thanks for taking the time to read. NB: alot of people complaining, Oh well ^^.

Yours Truly

Insomnia :*


Community Leader
Community Leader
@Thunder can you check if it was a ddos attack?
esw servers were attacked aswell.

  • Watcher: there was a ddos attack
    Today at 02:16:04 PM
  • =ESW=nikolas 13: huge lags at eu2,can someone restart?
    Today at 09:36:54 AM

I Think it was something like that, but cant confirm since i couldnt see on what process it was happening (like webserver/gameserver/TS or something else)