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Koajas Introduction for Bauer fgt<3


Hello guys, Bauer practically told me to make an introduction here so I am doing so currently :D
My name is Koaja, I love Koalas and I am 20 years old. Im a brit fag, so Im an hour behind the majority of you guys im sure :D
I study DIgital Forensics and security at Bournemouth UNiversity in England, Essentially I hack stuff for fun and educational purposes.

I used to run ES9s COD4 servers before ES9 decided it was time to close the chapter, so now I run servers just on the side for fun. I know quite a bit about COD4X 1.8, and have offered my help to Bauer if he ever needed it, and it still stands, if you need help with COD4X I will gladly help you guys out anytime :D

What else is there to say, I dont know except Bauer is a fgt <3

Much love folks. Koaja.


Warteam Member
Hello Mr. Koaja
Koaja said:
Just watched the demo, the aim was fairly obvious when you look at the RPG and P90 frags and you were rapid firing on your pistols

+1 Stay banned
Koaja said:
The aim assist is still visible to me, the rapid fire is explained and after seeing the handcam yeah okay kudos there

But the aiming is still too sketchy for me
I will never ever forget >:[
JK, welcome mate :D