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Known Bugs/ Errors


Game Admin
Game Admin
This is a thread about known bugs, on our Minecraft server in particular.

1. Crafting station from Tinker construct

Please don't use the Crafting station from Tinker construct
if you use it it will crash your game as well as the game of everybody else who enters the chunk where the Crafting station is placed.

As a replacement, if you want your items not to fall out of your Gui, when you close your Gui, use a Formulaic Assemblicator from mekanism.

Or simply use the old but gold crafting table from Vanilla Minecraft. :p

This thread gets updated if any other bugs will be found. If you know or find any other bugs, please post below.

2. Crash when doing /tp /home /tp [waypoint]

There is a chance ( of approximately 50%) that your Minecraft will crash when you use /tp, /home or /to [waypoint]. As a little pre-solution - Look at the sky when you teleport then slowly look down. It minimizes the chance of a crash. The crash is caused by the mekanism machines, cables and pipes. So avoid looking at them when teleporting (by looking at the Sky as mentioned above)
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Game Admin
Game Admin
3. Quantum Helmet - NightVision

Sometimes it quantum's NightVision might blind you like you won't be able to see anything you will just see a black screen until you disable NightVision.

(Enable - Disable NightVision ALT+M)

It usually does it if it's morning. (Though i can't tell for sure.)
You could try using it from time to time to see when it will be working again.


Community Leader
Community Leader
I have updated the modpack once, more verify if the bugs still exists
and putted minecraft on a ramdisk instead of normal disks, should speed server a bit


The Great
Seems to me that removing of protection doesn't work. When I try to remove protection on my land, I type in /protect remove <name of region> but it tells me I should use /protect remove <name of player> >name of region> like for a friend removal, I also do that with my name but the protection doesn't lift. It's annoying cause I can't make a new protection with this protected land but a larger region.