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CoD:WaW kicked, for?

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Your name/nick in game?: sycho
Your IP?:
Which one of our Admins banned you?: I get kicked without warning, just out of nowhere.
Why you were banned?: i went back asked why, who, what, no admin i know was present, no one answered, afer several times asked.
Why should we unban you?: Who did kick me for what? I was just making a massive spree..... do you have kick righted that can't handle a loss?


Just before i posted. around 20:00 CET

I know i'm a nuisance at the least... so i can take a kick, even a ban But today i have not opened my mouth yet. So atleast let me know why the kick, can i expect one every day at every moment?


Game Admin
there was no info in the kick log yesterday at that time, so 2 things could have happened : 1, you got a random kick that might happen cause of server problems we had, and 2, the connection log did not note who kicked you, or why, again cause of the problems we have. Was this kick on downfall map?
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Not open for further replies.