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JFF World Cup


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Sounds good - doesn't work. (most likely) + what you are suggesting is way to vague.

I expect getting enough people to play would be a nightmare and then getting them all online on a specific time for games would be even bigger pain.
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For example:

Group 1: Team A, Team B, Team C
Group 2: Team D, Team E, Team F

SEMI-FINAL1: 1st Group 1 vs 2nd Group 2
SEMI-FINAL2: 1st Group 2 vs 2nd Group 1

differents ways for teams selections : Countries (spain, portugal, iran...) Regions (North Europre, South America), friends or whatever we want


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Yeah, we do internal wars all the time mainly 4v4 but it is fun, even if the whole war team are in the same team, making a world cup for it would be a bit stupid as, teams can be unbalenced, as 2 war team members on the same team.

We always play
All the time and know how we play, I think we should just stick with how we do it, when we feel like it, as we all don't want to be playing 24/7 I love the war team and all members of it (and admins ofc) but doing this would mean, we have to play wars with each other and then do this world cup, I think it is a good idea, but maybe in the way that we do it now.

Little side note; shout out to Kon for his config, no marcros in there ;D love you all!


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"World-Cup" should never work...why?
1. Timezones (if world wide)
2. Players had a life, most of us are working
3. I tried it some time ago (a match JFF vs. Public Community), counted in arround 9 JFF Players and 7 Public Players who was online? 4 Jff and 2 Pubs.....works great


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I am for any type of Cup or League

Also can help you about that,but just in night hours can play

Cheers and good luck with that


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Hey, maybe we could make it a forum thing, like we make a date to with all registered and members and create a server, and introduce this to all other servers which will ultimately increase JFF population.

Instead of country vs country, we could make it region vs region, thus increasing the amount of players on a team.
It could work. People just need some motivation to be there on certain time. There is another game/community what i'm leading and i can assure you that if there is enough willpower and motivation then everything is possible. Also we are coming together 2-3 times per week to do our weekly stuff. Min 20players per evening..and not just random players..only the ones who are in my team :)