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JFF Application


The Sleepless One
  • Real name : Roje Temple
  • In-game name : Insomnia, I rarely go by Lord Psycho though.
  • Age : 23
  • Country: Jamaica
  • Why do you want to join ? : Because I love the initiative of JFF, I like the social platform, I'm of the understanding that JFF has a family relationship and I would love to sink my place into it. I enjoy playing on a particular JFF server and I tend to realize there lies a problem in discipline and respect for and by players from all over the world, being a member will better enable me to assist the JFF community in maintaining the discipline and to reassure players that they can come to the respective servers enjoy their game and not feel harassed.
  • Which games do you play ? : I strictly play COD4 MW, but I'm open to explore other options so long as my PC can handle it.
  • Which servers do you play on ? : Server 3 Hardcore.
  • When do you play (time + timezone) ? : I play from 10:00 Am to 3:00 AM [GMT-5]
  • What can you do to make JFF better ? : Being an army Cadet for almost 9 years and a successful applicant in the country's constabulary Force, it is a primary skill of mines to resolve conflicts and make rational unbiased and decisive decisions under tough circumstances, with this ability, and might I say talent, in making JFF better, I would foster and develop measures as best as I can to keep the community peaceful and in order and demonstrate this order and initiative in-game.
  • Download, install and use our Addon (it's required!)? : Yes, I have downloaded it and followed all the instruction regarding the Addon. Iv'e also made a request to all the JFF members!

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my application! :D


Give respect,get respect
You successfully created your "Want to join" application. Don't worry, you will be informed about the results after the next admin meeting, whether you passed recruitment or not. Please be patient and stay active in-game and on the forums. Browse our forum for more information about our community, rules and our ranking system.
Thanks for your understanding and Good Luck! :)