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It's Hard to say "Goodbye"

Hey guys, i hope you all soing great as i used to know you all
I've been busy last while with studying and working
Seriously i do to all of you too much
It's like my own family
It's hard to say it but my task ends over here which means i'm quiting
I'd like to thank each one of you guys for everything
Each one of you will be missed
@ElementX , @Unlucky ,
@PhOenix ,
@Sammy ,
@CmD and
See you guys!
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B*tch sayy waaaat

I don't want this, Murph man :( You'd better keep in contact, hope all goes well Darky:) Pop by when you can ! :D


Game Admin
Game Admin
Warteam Member
I'm very saddened dear @DarKne$$ :( But I know you are doing what is best for your life. Please post on forum time to time and hope to meet you in-game in the future, don't try to be a stranger! :)


Game Admin
Game Admin
Wow.. Darkkyy :( I don't like it to see this thread but what can I say? Stay safe man. Good luck with whatever you do <3


Give respect,get respect
Good luck in real life

Study welll,take care and come sometimes just to drop "hi"



BOOBs Lover
meh i don't want LIKE ur post:(.u was first member who i met here and one of my best friend here.really really sad to see ur leaving and i can't do anything.at least i know ur safe and healthy and ur with ur family.stay safe always and good luck in ur life.if u can stay around and time to time report about urself.be a good and dark boy mate;)


Goodluck man <3 I wish you the best in Turkey :* for you and your family <3 best wishes and I do hope you come from time to time say what you are doing :)
maybe open a thread of ur life :3 <3 at least tell us how u do :*
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