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***** is my word

Discussion in 'Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare : Discussion' started by Scarlet Witch, Sep 25, 2017.


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  1. Scarlet Witch

    Scarlet Witch Registered

    Hey guyz, it's me, Scarlet. As all you know, I'm a little bit different player than you guyz, but that was not a problem until I got 2 kicks because of who I am. Like all players, they have their own attitudes, behaviors, and their own talking style. And I have that too. In server #3 , I was always saying to everyone '*****' but not as an offensive version, as a classic way because this is who I am and I cannot change my words as some admins (MINION) said that you wont going to use that word again or you get ban. This is not fair. I mean, not just me using that word for everyone, admins are using that too, for instance, Boukha (<3) or Akkord. And I cannot use that? Really? That's why I'm not connecting lately because they want to change my personality somehow. And last but not least, everyone knows that I'm using it for fun, not some kind of fight or something, everyone who played with me can say that too. So I hope you admins can solve this problem once and for all. Thanks.
  2. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    Seems like ur using that word as if u have ocd or turrets. maybe if u toned it down a bit, ppl wont have a problem with u.
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  3. Yabwon

    Yabwon Senior Admin Senior Admin Donator

    If you would invite me on server by "Hello bit.h", you would get a slap from me... because you don't know me, and I don't know you.

    If, for example, @ElementX would invite me by "Hello bit.h", I would respond him "Hello goatf.ck.r", and probably we both would have fun because of that.

    You just simply may not call anyone, who you even don't know, by stupid offensive words.
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  4. Hybrid

    Hybrid Cuckrighted Warteam Member

    28920382 2017-09-25 20:00:21 Scarlet ***** you should be raped by 7 black guys with 93 cm d*ck each

    Try to work on your attitude, seriously
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  5. The_sky_was_pink

    The_sky_was_pink Tiny Hippo Donator

    Hm, five stars, it's must be nice hotel i guess )
    U were create problem from nothing, what's the problem dont use it, not everyone must know what is on ur mind, they may dont know u didnt mean something bad, and now u must to choose what worst for u, dont use it or dont play JFF#3. IMO
  6. the MINION

    the MINION Im not a MINION, im a yellow Tic Tac Banrighted Warteam Member

    I don't know why you wanna vote for "using" this word. There is nothing to vote mate.....

    Sry, but this is bullshit!
    You really want to fight?

    1. You Play under names like Donald Duck, MyNumberisNo, I'm Poppy, <33 ....... under this names you don't talk trash like under Scarlet, so pls stop talking here only crap.
    2. You don't use it only, you SPAM on the Server!
    3. If someone, a normal Player or Admin say to you STOP IT you DIDN'T STOP. AFTER you got kicked a few times and I SAID STOP OR BAN you finally stop.

    I don't know whats wrong in some Players minds, maybe you should better Play with your barbie and be a Little bit more mature plus i really don't think your a woman!

    So pls consider now what you wanna post next or i will went really engry now!
    Sry for my hard words, but im really pissed about you. All Players can communicate normal so why not you? Your nothing Special!

    So thats it from myside, Need too cool down before i did smth wrong here :p
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  7. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    We only talked, nothing happened!!
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  8. Yabwon

    Yabwon Senior Admin Senior Admin Donator

    A man, who talks with goats...
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  9. Scarlet Witch

    Scarlet Witch Registered

    Oh hell no, u are the only one who is complaining about it, if u check on your 3rd server, u can clearly see that everyone can enjoy with me but not with you, so if this is a problem so much, u need to check first the hackers not me, anyway that's not the issue we are talkin right now..
  10. Scarlet Witch

    Scarlet Witch Registered

    And also, I want to disguss about this issue on Admin's between. Not only you minion, I want all admins try to understand this.
  11. Piroca de Deus

    Piroca de Deus Registered

    Hey guys, jfyi, this was me, I have a bind changing the name to Scarlet B*tch (and most people know) when Scarlet is on server.
    Second, I also don't like seeing players insulting each other, and I've already reported 1 or 2 times for that, as you know. But in this case, he isn't insulting anyone, and most important, I NEVER saw anyone saying to Scarlet "dude, stop calling me b*tch" or something like that, because everyone knows he's just being funny... Sometimes when I die I also call "b*tch" to who killed me, but I'm not insulting, just being funny!
    Important message here: don't be a "sissy" with an "insult" on the internet... on a game...
  12. Vlado

    Vlado Give respect,get respect Kickrighted Donator

    Give respect,get respect!
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  13. Piroca de Deus

    Piroca de Deus Registered

    Vlado I love your signature btw! :D
  14. the MINION

    the MINION Im not a MINION, im a yellow Tic Tac Banrighted Warteam Member

    In your opinion.......
    Thats not the Point, he is spamming this on Server, if you love it why you not go in TS/Discord or another Chat?

    And let me look back u said on Server "say it, they can't ban you".....we can! --> Spamming = ban and in my mind this mass of using it like turret its offensive = ban.
  15. Gisbourne

    Gisbourne Spanky Game Admin

    I love those polls with 2 opposite statements made by randoms. First time on forums, not even hello or any introduction - BAAAM vote people, its going to change the world! <3
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  16. Scarlet Witch

    Scarlet Witch Registered

    like you said, in your mind, in your opinion, that doesnt matter if you are the only admin who actually obsessed with this. I want an admin meeting about dealing with. Not just you Minion, you are the against part of me, because of that other admins give their opinion.
  17. the MINION

    the MINION Im not a MINION, im a yellow Tic Tac Banrighted Warteam Member

    But gissy look

    :p :p :p
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  18. Piroca de Deus

    Piroca de Deus Registered

    I don't really remember saying that, but I believe you, that's something I would probably say :p
    I must admit that's not my idea of spamming... For me, spamming is saying "b*tch" *2 sec later* "b*tch" *2 sec later* "b*tch" *2 sec later* "b*tch" *2 sec later* "b*tch" *2 sec later* "b*tch"... (and you can replace "b*tch" for anything you want, even advertising or "banana")
    Now, saying "b*tch" sometimes in some sentences... I mean... come on... for me, that's not spamming it... but ok, I can't speak to much about it, since I spamming isn't what I thought it was for true...
  19. Gisbourne

    Gisbourne Spanky Game Admin

    Sorry, was busy with making my highly important vote on the poll. Man, im gonna bite my fingers off for the final results! :eek:
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  20. Trobon

    Trobon Game Admin Game Admin

    What a goat liar, isn’t he?
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