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Introducing myself

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Hello All...
First of all i have to said to i'm wanna to bee Admin in COD WAW JFF server.

I playing this game 4 or 5 year but i found this server before 4 months ago.

About Me:
My Real Name:Josip
Where i'm from:Croatia
In my free time i am working on my game its called Red Crucible:Firestorm and Red Crucible:Reloaded i am there MODERATION (this is like in COD WAW Admin).
I have also a YouTube Channel it's called Ozzny Gaming.
I'm realy wanna to bee Admin i am always online,wanna to report hackers and players who use a bad language.

I know 3 Languages: Portuguse,English and Croatian.

In COD WAW My Name Is =/E/=JoLoL

Have Fun


Give respect,get respect
Welcome @Ozzny YT on forum JFF,I hope you enjoy on us servers

For admin apply,search forum and read a bit.Look how other guys apply

Any question,just ask

Cya on servers
Not open for further replies.