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Introducing myself

Ganja Hero!

Hey guys, I'm Ganja Hero!

Most of you may know me from the CoD4 server, #3 in particular.
Just wanted to say hi, and become member of the forums for two reasons;

1. I've been playing on the JFF servers for more than a year now (maybe 2) and I want to become part of the community. Furthermore, I want to help out by reporting hackers and rule breakers (but I will read more on how to do that in the corresponding section on the forum).
2. I also want to become a JFF member, and with time, an admin on the CoD4 servers. I will post an application in the appropriate section after posting this.

-edit: I've registered in Jan, but never got the confirmation email. Eventually I used a temp mail adress to get the confirmation email, and now everything's working fine-

A bit more about me; I'm a Dutch student, 22 years old, with a love for video games, music and books.
I play the guitar, love to travel, speak three languages fluently (Dutch, English and French) and have some basic knowledge on German and Spanish.
I've played CoD4 since 08 or 09, so sometimes I own and sometimes I suck. I've been the leader of a clan, was part of 2 others, and I have admin rights on all 3xP CoD4 servers.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask :)

Warm regards,

Ganja Hero!