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INSULTS, unreasoning kick, call me "cheater"


I was playing and some players thought that I used wallhack or something like that. They call me an idiot, cheater, noob. Ok.. Ok. It would be even good. BUT one of admins came and other players said "He has wall hack" and that admin kicked me! OMG, why? I have never use cheats! You can check me, if you want.

I recored a video, where you can see everything..


Give respect,get respect
Game Admin
Share demo here
Admins will check what happens,and if need they will respond you and take action
Also you have addon for chat with admins,so you can fast check and report someone


Game Admin
You did most of the spamming and insulting ! you got a kick , you did not stop , and then you got a temp ban ( 1 day ) . If you think thats unfair , i will pull out a chat log and show it to your face.


Heyho I did once the kick, said got recorded demo and etc etc start annoying and insulting everyone with everyone so I ended of with kick Suki, after I said sorry. Is my bad really... :p