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Important Software


Game Admin
Game Admin
Thought I'd start a thread about good software people might be interested in but at the same time keep it broad enough for most folks' interest!

So I am posting about the latest Firefox version (quantum) v 57.
I have a decreped (slow) laptop and have installed Waterfox, palemoon etc... but v 57 firefox IS very quick and slick.
OK some addons may not work but those that do are uBlock, context search and soon enough noscript, all you need to make it even faster!

I could post more but throw it open to others and also no comments about COD being installed as it's a given! :p


Game Admin
Game Admin
Ok an update.
I am reading a lot of people having software problems, eg. Java.

So I would recommend dedicated uninstaller software:

Great for removing leftover files, reg entries etc...that windows does not scan.
That makes reinstalling much easier to diagnose any further problems.

Whilst we are talking about uninstallers, for drivers (esp. gfx cards) I would recommend:
Display Driver Uninstaller DDU