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I'll just leave this here

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A is pointless thread, two unnecessary post were written at the very beginning.Forum spamming or trolling?


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Because if there is such a concern, would have been able to send a private message to community leaders.
I see your point, though at the same time I don't see much difference between this and an unban request (in case of a false ban) — which we also discuss publicly. @Dinkleberg just pointed out that he was kicked for no reason. I think he's free to do that on the public forum.

Anyway, it should not have happened. So, @ElementX just mute everyone if you're having a bad day :p Be a good boy and say sorry to @Dinkleberg :D


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Is there any more context @ElemenX ? Anyways, there is no need for any drama here. reconnect and play without bothering each other.
Accusing someone who gained admin status of not being able to handle kr makes me speechless.


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Why is this a pointless thread? Based on that screenshot I'd say @Dinkleberg is right ... Am I missing something?
if it was a new KR\BR you guys would be super mad. also you would not give him a like on his reply.

iam sry dinkle. i feel more bad for those who support such a behavior.
only new guys ( ye, if you are here even 2 years, you are new.) gave a like. that says something :)

idk why elem did it, i dont care much. just hope he understands that he can't do it any more. ( kicking like that, abusing, next map-ing )


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Is this going to an neverending post like dat from coduo section??

Damn, yes he putted !nextmap and kicked Todayland for talking useless ****. I don't see on screen btw if Todayland talks trash before. I think too we needn't kick so fast, maybe first warn him or tell him to stop talking trash.

But rly opening a new thread for something like that (only a kick)?
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