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i little question

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i was playing some days before with name in game kenchi but i forgot this http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/threads/this-ban-must-be-a-mistake.16859/#post-154862 My question is: Now that i changed ISP some time ago then my ip changed will i be banned with this ip? i admit i hacked. I was 15 years old and i wanted to troll my big brother when he discovered me he started to using too.When i was playing with name Big daddy i got a ban and my brother but admin only caught me(thanks for that realy) after one day my brother told me that i was unbanned and that we could join again this time i joined with my real name and i got banned again since that unban i went to other servers .Now lets seeing since one point i hacked? yes i was 15 years old and one fucking retard my big brother too( he was hacking too could see all people on radar how if it was sudden death) but i didnt unbanned by myself i didnt even how bans were working.Then sorry for make you lose some time reading all this and sorry for hacking at that age.Thank you so much for that since that i stopped with all that **** i learned a lot of things and really had fun playing cod 4.which is the reason of this thread? i really wanted to tell the truth since my english was even worse than now and i want an answer of that question that i made at the begining of this thread but i think i am 90 % sure that i will banned with this ip too(i didnt restart my router i changed my ISP) since that demo attached can be used like a proof against me.

P.S. Sorry for my english and made you lose your time reading all this


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They are never unban cheaters, but your luck u can play with new IP, till u start cheating again )
anyway good confession, I almost gush with tears when read
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ip is lik id card of person in net.so if u changed ur isp or even if u change ur country we dont care.becuz once hacker forever hacker.u cheated in our server.this is the same story of all cheaters that my btother cheated and i wasnt there or my dog was playing and bla bla bla.so end of the story ur banned u will not unban and u cant play in JFF servers


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I mean I was a massive toxic shithead at 16-17 my self but I never hacked. Still I understand that you are a retard at that age.

I'm just wondering how old is this guy now..

If a lot of time really has passed I would give a second chance.


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We cant give a second chance to anyone. Or we will give it to all of them. What i dont understand is why advertise you got a ban in the first place. I mean, we all forgot about him, and he had gone and reminded us. Its like going in the bears cave during winter and saying, wake up you lazy bum! some might be groggy and grab a free meal before going back to hibernation, but im just going to doze off in this case and hope i dont get a second poke. :cool:


I wrote all because i cant play in one server that i am banned i could have done it but since my point of view i would be morally incorrect i prefer to solve all of this and tell the truth .Now i am 18/19
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I born in 1999 on 20th of December then exactly i am 18
EDIT: i put 18/19 because all the persons that born in 1999 will be 19 if i made some confusion i regret for that
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Did you read well -Ho-Oh? The ban was on 2015s summer i was still 15 how i told in my last message my birthday is in 20th of december and if i borned in 1999 i am 18 years and 5 days old
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