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I am sad to say this...

well it is also time for me to say this...I am gonna miss you guyz

ouh dont think that I will leave, even tho I was thinking about it, but then I realized that I would break my words that I said that I will never leave JFF only if I get kicked :D

now the reason I need to open this thread is that I am going to new town to study on colleage

and also I want to apologize that I wasnt so active this summer, idk I just kinda wanted to enjoy dota, and dayz and watch anime and check redtube, I didnt want to be interupted by doing those things, I just kinda thought that I took my vacation ^^

and also I thought in that time, that I could leave JFF, but sadly guyz that ain't happening ^^

now the real reason I opened this thread is that, I probably wont have pc nor laptop when I go to new town, because my mother is crazy as f*ck and she doenst get few things xD its really hard to explain, so I won't even bother you with that xD

now I will try to check forum as frequently as I can, but the only thing is that I wont be able to be on xfire or play games

in case that I get laptop again I wont be able to play games, but I will be able to work around banning people as I always did ^^

but if I get my pc then I will be able to do everything I did, till now ^^

so I hope you guyz understand, and that I wont be kicked from JFF :3
OMG .... i got scared really thought that you would leave but it was trolling :D
anyways good luck & hope to see you active soon again ;)


Enjoy the next town, meet new chicks and get off redtube there are sexy ladies to fall in love with you know ^^ .
Anyways take care and live long in prosper ^^


JFF`s Barbie!
Hey @Ghost_47,

Really sad to see this. We all are going to miss you. You are my Ban-Pony! :D
You were always here to ban a cheater for me :) Miss that times xD I hope you will come back. But I am sure U will. Anyway have fun and good luck in the new town. Pass the college and the exams!

Greets R!sE