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I am back!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Magneto, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Magneto

    Magneto official sports journalist of JFF!

    Hello my friends, after 1-2 years (because of greek army) i am back to action!
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  2. Thunder

    Thunder Community Leader Community Leader Donator

    Welcome back oldy
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  3. Vlado

    Vlado Give respect,get respect Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

    Welcome back @Magneto and Merry Christmas

    Cya on servers
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  4. Trobon

    Trobon Game Admin Game Admin

    Welcome back!
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  5. OTe

    OTe WaW Section Game Admin Donator

    Welcome back Magneto!
    cu in waw :)
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  6. Hanphagard

    Hanphagard Uncle han ;) Member

    Welcome back !
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  7. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    welcome back
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  8. DigiTron

    DigiTron CalculaTor Game Admin

    Welcome back Magneto
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  9. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Wb, Volcano :)
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  10. Magneto

    Magneto official sports journalist of JFF!

    Thanks guys see you in servers!
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  11. faceoff

    faceoff Kickrighted Kickrighted Donator

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  12. sadMAN

    sadMAN Member Member

    Welcome back.Brother....
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