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How do i download COD4PLAYER? please help.


Warteam Member
yes yes @redzYe but this is what i get :/
Yes, I predicted that already..
That is because you probably have the cracked version,meaning you have the game only as a Copy on your hdd.. No registry etc..

I really am helpful and sometimes I also am blind and need to ask twice..
But man..

I am on my phone so I can't give you a detailed instruction, but I bet you can solve it..


Hopeless case
Ote told you to run the demo through game (until you fix this problem). Copy the demo in folder where all your recorded demo files are, and then open cod4 and type in console /demo 'demo name' and game will run it but without that fancy stuff


Senior Admin
And if you want some "fancy" stuff via the console, you can do something like this:

/devmap [mp_map]
/developer 1
/demo [your demo]

And then you can use:

/timescale [1=default, 0-1 slower, >1 faster] (slow down and speed up demo)
/r_showLightGrid 1 (shows light grid boxes around players and other moving objects)

Or bind it to some keys, e.g.:

/bind DOWNARROW "toggle developer 0 1"
/bind UPARROW "toggle r_showLightGrid 0 1"
/bind LEFTARROW "timescale 1"
/bind RIGHTARROW "toggle timescale 0.25 0.5 1 2 4 8 16"