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Hitreg / netcode improvement (1.8)


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I think the max range of cl_maxpackets is 100 on 1.7
That results in an update every third frame if you are on 250 fps
Every 2nd frame if you are on 125.

1.8 users can set it to 125
-> every 2nd frame with 250
or every frame on 125.

If you did not download a proper config it might still be at the default of 30 what i consider unplayable.


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Here is a bit more to improve your hit registration.
If you have very slow internet speed, having high maxpackets can increase your ping.
If you have low ping and a steady connection you should have cl_packetdup 1.
If your connection is bad you could try to use cl_packetdup 2 to make the hit registration a bit better.
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God bless you @Hybrid . Ive been having troubles with hitreg on JFF's vanilla servers. (at least if felt like it ) Especially against your average player there (khm khm 100+ ping).

I didn't know about cl_maxpackets 125 had it on 100 cuz thought it was max. Will see if it helps out.

ILY <3