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Hi guys, been on your server a few times.

Normally play under name (GIT)A-PARODY

Im a Clan member on UCS tank server (UCS)Ignavus_uk

Im also a moderator on PDE servers

Just a quick hi, and love your server,

Also spotted a hacker this morning

Can an admin do the honors and Perm this low life please, Peace out


WaW Section
Game Admin
Hi pj1972,welcome to forums!:)

I appreciate the efforts made the report with regard to,but the next time use !report command in the game eg. !report dankest multi,so we will get a message plus IP. If by chance no members online who has know banned , you may want to make a demo and post it in the right place here the forum,but we can only accept as proof DM_6 file.
To do this, here are some help:
How to upload demo of a cheater?
Reporting rule breakers/cheaters! READ ME!
Up to you guys, was just letting you know a hacker was on your server! I normally use Razer Cortex, and UL to YT if on your server in future will use ingame .dm6 files