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Game Admin
Game Admin
I need help..:eek:
when I change settings in cod4 and i hit apply it freezes and i have to close it from task manager.
The only way I can change the settings is from confic file :mad:does enyone know what is happening:oops:


WaW Section
Game Admin
Although in cod5 was the same my problem, but it was resolved.
The simplest way:
My OS is in Hungarian, but I think the drop-down menu options are the same.
does it crash when you enter the commands manually in the console? write seta before the dvar and it will save the change to the config, /vid_restart to apply the changes.

I use the same config for all cod games, changing settings is not something I do every day, week or month. If your computer is decent, I can share my dank360noscope config and you will never need to change any settings again :)


Game Admin
No clue why that's happening but you can manually change them in your player config, just have the game closed first before saving it.