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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by tueure29, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. tueure29

    tueure29 Registered

    I often play on your server! And he seemed normal to register on the forum.
    I'm come from Brittany in France.
    So HELLO TO ALL, have fun.
    A +

    My name on server are TuEureAtWork and TuEure{BZH}.
  2. P4N1C

    P4N1C Registered

    Hi Bro!! Nice to see you in the forum. Have fun and cya ingame. <3
  3. JSJanka

    JSJanka Registered

    Hello, Welcome to the forums and have fun!!
  4. Ghost_47

    Ghost_47 Ghoul

    sup dog? welcome here and have fun ^^
  5. tueure29

    tueure29 Registered

    Thanks all!

    P4N1C, you spin my head!!!!!! With your banner...
  6. P4N1C

    P4N1C Registered

    Haters gonna Hate! :) If you want I can change it for you. :p

    Do you have xfire?

  7. tueure29

    tueure29 Registered

    Don t change!!

    Yes i have, tueure29.
    What mean "sup dog"?
  8. Diger

    Diger Registered

    welcome here and have fun =D
  9. Magneto

    Magneto official sports journalist of JFF!

  10. P4N1C

    P4N1C Registered

    Ahh, see, you like it!

    Accept my xfire request please.

    Wish you a nice evening.
  11. Radipo

    Radipo Registered

    Welcome here have fun !
  12. tueure29

    tueure29 Registered

    I have fun on JFF server

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